Рейтинг серверов Mu Online
The server has a quick start! Newcomers get bonus EXP, Noob Buff,Silver VIP, 50 Resets, Stat Poins, Full set, Weapons and Wings as a gift. !

Bonus for beginners

Dear friends, the beta test has already been completed, the server is actually ready, we officially name the opening date - 03/30/2020 (5:00 p.m. Moscow time)
We will be happy to wait for you on the new server
Promotions for opening are available, details on the forum

GM Commands for OBT Phoenix
/ upclass - gives 3 class
/ beta 100 10 15 100 250 250 200 - gives full zen, full points, lvl 400, the right amount of resets, the right amount of grand reset, the right amount of herro reset, professional lvl, talents, lvl master, builds and full gp tokens and crystals

Dear friends, 02/25/2020 at 23:00 Moscow time, the MBT (open beta test) of the Pheonix X1000 International server will be launched, we invite everyone to do the server is better, the duration is no less than two weeks!
To participate in MBT, register an account and download the client by selecting the Pheonix server in the list after 23:00 Moscow time
I want to remind you that this is only a beta test, much will be fixed or replaced

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Final Mu Online is a Mu Online server Season 6 episode FINAL with many unique developments of its own. Players of our server Mu Online appreciate it, first of all, for the unique game features, thoughtful economy and fresh non-standard view of the game. the Administration loves its server and develops it as a hobby.

For many years, our Mu Online server has been developing and constantly improving, gaining new heights, attracting many new players and reaching new horizons. During this time, the administration made more than 1000 updates that made the server unforgettable. We have banned the game for more than 2 Windows, cheats and vulnerabilities do not work, which guarantees our players a fair and balanced fight.

Our fans say that after playing on our server, you will no longer be able to play other MU.

Thanks to the recognition of Mu online fans from all over the CIS, our server is included in the TOP Mu Online servers in the CIS. Join us! Starting a game has never been so easy.