Рейтинг серверов Mu Online
The server has a quick start! Newcomers get bonus EXP, Noob Buff,Silver VIP, 50 Resets, Stat Poins, Full set, Weapons and Wings as a gift. !

Bonus for beginners

Dear friends, 06/03/2020 at 20:25 Moscow time there will be a scheduled update of the Phoenix server
Bugs fixed
Now you can remove and wear items, use 2 clicks on them
Now you can transfer items to the Chaox box and back for 2 clicks on the item
Nerfed Monsters at Chaos Castle

Time 5 minutes of work!

Dear friends, we launched a promotion for new players
We give out to beginners who have just started 50 resets, stats, Silver VIP and Noob Buff, in addition we give out an average set full, a full weapons and wing 3lvl full, jewels and zen for a start

  • Pheonix x1000 Int - a completely new and unique server
  • That contains everything the best for an interesting and comfortable game for
    fans of PVP and PVE game models.

  • Pheonix x1000 Int is a more thoughtful continuation of the old Final Zone x1000 server
  • Opening date 30.03 .2020 at 17:00 Moscow time

  • The Pheonix x1000 Int server is EVERYTHING different from other Mu Online game servers.

  • This is a server that focuses on the highlights of the game.

  • When playing here, you will have to spend most of your time with pve and especially quests.

  • Slow development in terms of equip will not let you get bored on this server quickly.

  • Many unique innovations, unique models of weapons and armor, special quest system, dungeons, boss raids , new locations and quests, events, bosses and much more awaits you here.

  • About Final Zone x1000 PVP short:

  • Version: Season 6 Episode Final

  • Rate: x1000 (dynamic lowering to x10 at the final stage of the game)

  • Drop: 30%

  • Maximum level 400

  • Max. Reset: 100

  • Max. grand reset: 10

  • Max. Hero reset: 25

  • Elf bafer up to 400 lvl and 2 Grand resets

  • Reset with 400 lvl

  • Grand reset with 100 resets

  • Hero resets from 10 grand

  • Creating a guild: 400 lvl and 10 resources and 50,000,000 zen

  • Joining the guild with 5 resets

  • Max stats: 32767 for all stats and 64000 for Vitality, 100000 for Final Point

  • Stats after the grand reset: 10000

  • Stats after reset: 400 Points for Summoner, Elf, Dark Wizard / 430 Points for Dark Knight, Rage Fighter / 450 Points for Magic Gladiator, Dark Lord

  • Stats after Hero Reset: 20,000

  • After 1 Hero Reset, the stats for the level will cease to be given

  • A new article has been added at-game (Final Point) strengthens CP SD Protection by 1% for every 2100 stats

  • You can also get stats from quests, resets, grand resets and hiro resets

  • Most events, bosses and quests give rewards to resets
  • Quests:

  • There are more than 3000 quests in 6 quest systems on the server

  • There is a regular quest chain (ideal for the initial stages of the game, provides resources up to the middle stage of the game)

  • There are daily quests (ideal for additional farming, 3 quests per day are allowed)

  • There is a weekly ques s (ideal for farming at night for especially valuable items of the middle stage of the game)

  • Also Quests after Hero Reset (for the middle stage of the game, it gives a lot of resources, stones, currencies, items, gives special power-ups and buffs)

  • and Final quests (for the middle and top stages of the game, it gives a lot of resources, stones, currencies, items, it gives special power-ups and buffs)

  • There are books that give you quests (you can farm currencies, talents, builds, master level)

  • All quests can be easily completed in the party

  • All quests are extremely valuable. Agrarian:

  • Stats

  • Zen

  • Items

  • Stones

  • Resets

  • Master level

  • Talents

  • Builds

  • Professional level

  • VIP

  • Pills for pumping

  • Goblins

  • Tokens

  • Crystals

  • Spots and monsters:

  • Spots in all locations of 6-9 monsters with respawn 6- 8 seconds.

  • There is a hidden double spot in each location.

  • All monsters are reconfigured, strengthened, balanced.

  • Currencies:

  • Zen - Monsters, quests, achievements, contracts, deals, bosses, events, trade and so on.

  • Goblin Point Monsters, quests, achievements, trade, deal, contracts, events, bosses, goblin coins, for the time spent in the game, grand reset, reset and so on.

  • Tokens - Donat currency that you can buy for money or to get from quests.

  • Craft Crystals - The currency received for re-melting the old ex-junk, is one of the prices for new mixes

  • Grand Credits - Currency for grand reset of the store, get it by making a grand reset.

  • TDM Points - Currency for the TDM store, get it by participating in the TDM event, Chaos Castle, Illision Tample.

  • Hero Points - Currency for Hero Reset Boutiques on, they receive it by making a hero reset.

  • When playing in a game, you get a number of opportunities and enhancements:

  • For each player in the game you get a bonus of HP SD Protection by 2% and increase in damage by 1%

  • In the party, all rewards for killing a monster or bosses are given to all members of the group

  • In the party, all stones raised on the spot are distributed to all members of the group

  • In the party, all Zen raised on the spot are distributed to all members of the group

  • In the party, the drop is credited to all members of the group

  • Achievement for killing bosses in the party available to all members of the group

  • In the party you can go quests with friends and everyone will be credited with the necessary mobs

  • For each member of the group you will receive 35% EHP, the whole drop will become common, zen and stones will be distributed by party, quests will protect everyone

  • All the parties available for you to download can be found in the NPC Party Manager in each city

  • Why exactly us?

  • We are a server of standards standards and an example to other servers

  • Responsive administration, we listen to the opinions of players.

  • Experienced development team, we have not implemented ideas having analogues.

  • At the moment, one of the most unique and interesting servers.

  • Everything is done by our own hands, we are the authors of the assembly.

  • Unlimited possibilities in development, additions and updates.

  • High stability, protection against hacks, dDoS and cheats.

  • We are more than 6 years old!

  • Dear friends, 29/06/2020 at 20:25 Moscow time there will be a scheduled update of the Phoenix server
    Bugs fixed
    Now snowmen are available up to 6 hero resets inclusive
    Now indulgences work up to 6 hero resets inclusive
    10% PvP Damage Updated
    The final set has been introduced into the game.
    Mix errors fixed
    Nerfed Monsters at Chaos Castle
    Fixed a bug where players who have more than 2 xiro could receive a reward for noob bosses in the party

    Time 5 minutes of work!

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    Final Mu Online is a Mu Online server Season 6 episode FINAL with many unique developments of its own. Players of our server Mu Online appreciate it, first of all, for the unique game features, thoughtful economy and fresh non-standard view of the game. the Administration loves its server and develops it as a hobby.

    For many years, our Mu Online server has been developing and constantly improving, gaining new heights, attracting many new players and reaching new horizons. During this time, the administration made more than 1000 updates that made the server unforgettable. We have banned the game for more than 2 Windows, cheats and vulnerabilities do not work, which guarantees our players a fair and balanced fight.

    Our fans say that after playing on our server, you will no longer be able to play other MU.

    Thanks to the recognition of Mu online fans from all over the CIS, our server is included in the TOP Mu Online servers in the CIS. Join us! Starting a game has never been so easy.